Weight Loss: My Diet

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Probably the most subjective topic when it comes to fitness and loosing weight. Everyone is different, every diet is different and every motivation is different in some way.
Huge Disclaimer: What will be mentioned here worked for me, in my current lifestyle and for my future needs. So in a word – subjective.
First a few principles that need to be understood before I go into the diet I put in place to get me to loose 20kgs in 6 months (click that link and see the evidence). Nothing like a few hard fast rules to set the foundation.

Rules and Principles

Diet Alone does not Work

If you are sitting on your butt all day munching celery and popcorn, sure you’ll loose weight slowly. Very slowly. Then you’ll hit a threshold that cannot be broken no matter how perfect your diet is. Something else needs to be done in conjunction with the diet; yes that’s it – exercise. Walk, run, swim, cycle, gym, climb stairs, bootcamp, whatever – so long as you are using up the fat resources.

Eat More to Loose More

There are many myths out there, one of the biggest in the dieting world is; eat as little as possible. That’s like trying to avoiding spelling mistakes in an English Essay exam by not writing at all; FAIL. In fact the body is a marvellous mechanism; fuel it well and it will work well. In this case,
feed it the right food in the right quantities at the right times
and it will work at reducing fat on your behalf.

Garbage in, Garbage stays in

Unlike the computer adage: garbage in – garbage out, the body is more apt to store fats from fake resources like sweats and processed foods. Limit the intake of these, least you find your body storing stuff that is going to be hard to shed. Of course, some of the garbage tastes quite nice, I am not saying be strict to the point where it is no longer fun – no – just be controlled. And please pick up after yourself :)

Calories in vs Calories Used

We all have differing levels of activity in the day. For me, I sit at a desk and program all day. So the amount of calories I consume become a factor if I do not get off my ass. That is why I make an effort to avoid certain foods (sweets, chips, fast foods) and drinks (carbonated kinds and yes even fruit juice) during the week. Lunch time for me is either a brisk walk to the shopping centre or a swim in the gym.

3 Months or Bust

There really should not be an expectations until 3 months have passed. No excuse of it’s not working is allowed until a fully dedicated period of 3 months is complete. Least you find yourself yo-yo dieting and ultimately failing.


It is all about a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Find out what you can commit to, what you can sacrifice. Eat healthy and slowly work towards your fitness goals. Make sure your family is happy and involved. This way people will support you and praise you – this is what you will need when things get hard and you want to give up.

My Diet

I made a few choices quickly in my journey:
1. Limit the consumption of Cool drinks.
2. Reduce refined sugar intake.
So I no longer buy coke or similar drinks during the week (and hardly over the weekend).
First cup of coffee is filter coffee with no sugar or milk, there after: half teaspoon with low fat milk.


I am a big proponent for breakfast. I’ll grab a snack before the morning workout and eat a good sized bowl of cereal with low fat milk after the workout.

Mid Morning

2/3 pieces of fruit (Apple, Banana, Orange) and usually a yoghurt. Stick to seasonal fruit. Otherwise just one piece of fruit and a slice of bread with peanut butter.


For me this is up in the air. Either it it left overs from last night’s dinner or the previous night, two sandwiches or a meal replacement. I opt for the meal replacement 4 out of 5 days of the work week because I don’t like the idea of stuffing so much bread into my system.

Mid Afternoon

Same as mid morning.
2/3 pieces of fruit (Apple, Banana, Orange) and usually a yoghurt. Stick to seasonal fruit. Otherwise just one piece of fruit and a slice of bread with peanut butter.


Just off the bat here; my Wife cooks for me (supper) – for the family – so a healthy balanced meal with at least 2 vegetables is very regular. We eat eat early and if anything I eat too much – however I know have active I currently am so this does not bother me.

During the time I lost most of my weight I did hold back on second helpings and also kept deserts to a minimum.

There we go.
Healthy. Wise. Maintainable.

[Photo Credits: Apple, Shrimp Broccoli Dish, Garbage]

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4 responses to Weight Loss: My Diet

  1. I read this with a packet of jelly babies open on my desk :)

    Good thoughts :)

  2. Meal replacement as in a drink?

    • Yes, like a protein shake like the Iso Whey stuff I used to have. But it is too expensive to maintain – although probably cheaper that buying lunch every day and healthier than bread and jam

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