Two Oceans Half Marathon 2012

Phillip Gibb —  April 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

This was always going to be a training run. Yeah right. While the goal was to complete the race injury free, I was never going to be able to set aside my competitive nature.
The day was going to be cold and wet, I had a big plastic bag around me just in case it started to rain while awaiting the start, the rain did not come then, it came later.
My goodness there were a lot of people.
And boy, was I grateful to be seeded into the ‘C’ group, even though that got a bit crowded. By the time I was settled in, I was looking out for the 1hr45min bus. The 1:45 flag was buried deep in a mass of people that I was not going to weave my way though, so I awaited for the start with the aim of catching up with them.
At 5 minutes to go I gulped down the BioGen Bio-Kick Energy shot and continued to keep myself warm.

The starting gun fired and we were off.
Darting my way through I kept my eye on the guy carrying the 1:45 flag. Boy, it was going to be a fast start.
It was quite dark to start off with, but that did not slow anyone down.
Somehow I managed to catch up to both the 1:45 groups and stayed with the faster that seemed to be aiming for a sub 1:40.
The Medacs Rocket Compression Socks that I got the day before were great, but they kept sliding down forcing me to pull them up in mid stride. This pulling caused them to tighten on my foot which was not so comfortable. However, they certainly made a difference because in the end I did not have the tell tell calf pain that I usually get after long runs.
Unfortunately, I paid for that. By the time the rain came down with about 11kms to go I was beginning to struggle. Letting the faster group go I held back for the slower 1:45, hoping that I would beat them to the top of the last big hills. That was not to be. I tried to keep up with them, but I let them go when it was obvious that I could still make 1:45.
The rain did bother me, but I still pushed through.
When I go to the stadium I remembered that I was going to finish the race on the same strip that I ran the day before in the 300m toddler dash with my son. That gave me the extra motivation to make the 1:45 with a good handful of second to spare.

At the end of the race I was so thrilled to see my wife there, alas the kids were not with here which was probably good since it was pouring with rain and freezing cold. Hanging on tight and shivering I sought out the tog bag tent to get my jacket and BioGen Recovergen recovery drink. After that – a Sports massage at the Medacs Rockets tent.
Awesome race, but I don’t intend to race it again – because next year it will either be the Trail race or the Ultra.
Two Oceans Half Marathon

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